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Catalyst for Better Indonesia Infrastructure

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (“PT SMI”) is an infrastructure financing company which was established on 26 February 2009, as a State Owned Enterprises (SOE) with 100% shares owned by the Government of Indonesia through the Minister of Finance Republic of Indonesia.

PT SMI plays active role in facilitating infrastructure financing as well as preparing project and serving advisory for infrastructure projects in Indonesia. PT SMI carries the duty of supporting the Government’s infrastructure development agenda for Indonesia through partnerships with private and/or multilateral financial institutions in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects. As such, PT SMI can serve as a catalyst in accelerating infrastructure development in Indonesia.

In line with the government’s plan to transform the Company into an Indonesian Development Financing Institution, sectors that can be financed by the Company expanded not only in basic infrastructure but also include social infrastructure.

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Our Portfolio

Karangasem Public Hospital

Municipal Financing for Karangasem Public Hospital Development in Karangasem District.

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Umbulan Water Supply Project

Drain water flow of 4.000 liters/second from the Umbulan’s spring to the beneficiaries.

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Cikopo-Palimanan Toll Road

The toll road is a part of the Trans Java toll road network to reduce congestion and to shorten travel time.

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Container Terminal Palaran

Container port infrastructure development and supporting infrastructure.

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Palembang-Indralaya Toll Road

Palembang-Indralaya Toll Road (22 km) is a National Strategic Project based on Presidential Regulation No. 3 year 2016 and National Priority Project according to Permenko No. 12 year 2015.

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Molotabu Coal-Fired Steam Power Plant

Molotabu power plant is intended to increase the capacity of the electric power supply in Gorontalo and North Sulawesi. This project is one of 31 PLN crash program power plant projects for the year 2013-2020.

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Tanjung Uncang Gas-Fired Power Plant

The construction of Tanjung Uncang Gas-Fired Power Plant is intended to increase the production capacity of electric power in Batam to meet the increasing demand.

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Tenayan Coal-Fired Power Plant

Designed for the construction, development and management of power plants included in the Fast Track Program (FTP) I or the 10,000 MW phase 1 power plant program which is guaranteed by the government.

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SMI infrastructure Index

SMinfra18 Index is an index consisting of 18-selected stocks comprising both the main and supporting sectors in infrastructure development.

Supporting the hypothesis that the ‘infrastructure development’ will play an important role in the development of the Indonesian economy and that the government will focus on infrastructure development, the ‘infrastructure’ is becoming an attractive sector to investors. Capital market investors (investment managers, pension funds, insurers and individual investors) require more specific references on infrastructure stocks as their investment benchmark.

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Human Capital Management

Great Place for Great People

We believe in Human Capital as the most important assets in supporting the Company to grow and reach its vision to become a leading catalyst in the acceleration of the National Infrastructure Development.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are Part of Community and Environment

We are commited to be a responsible corporate citizen that bring positive impact for community and eviroment our social responsibility policies clearly outline that the Company’s business sustainability is dependent upon a symbiotic relationship between internal and external stakeholders.

The Company’s corporate sustainability practices can be summed up in three key thrusts:

  • Empowering Communities and Environmental Stewardship Commitments
  • Responsible Employment Practices
  • Protection of the Interests of Stakeholders
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