Human Resources Management Strategy

We believe in Human Capital as the most important assets in supporting the Company to grow and reach its vision to become a leading catalyst in the acceleration of the National Infrastructure Development.


Main factor to create Human Capital with high quality and excellent performance is through an effective Human Capital Management Strategy implementation.

Improvement of Human Capital capabilities and competencies is the strategic intention and become the Company’s main program in developing Human Capital in year 2014. All employees and Top Management are fully involved in trainings, workshops, seminars and discussion forums as well as other development programs related to the Company’s line of business, in financing, project development, advisory and other supporting program and activities (e.g. soft skills improvement).

Enhancing the ideal environment and corporate culture are part of the Company’s strategies in increasing employee engagement index in 2014.  Many activities have been accomplished, such as coaching program to all Division Heads and Team Leaders in order to apply coaching culture;  developing of service excellence with 360₀ valuation system implementation, telephone courtesy socialization to all employees, appreciation for best employees and promotion opportunities; developing pay and benefit strategy based on fairness, competitiveness, engagement and retention through routine job review, completion of Labor Regulation No. 13/ 2003 and C&B survey; implementation of an effective performance management and good communication between employees and management through a ‘mail box‘, routine socialization and updated information regarding employment.

On September 2014, the Company’s Corporate Value “i-Sprint” has been launched and its integrity agreement has been signed and acknowledged by all Board of Directors, Division Heads and Staffs.
The Company is continuously organizing the “i-Sprint” campaign as a message to all employees that these values should become a foundation in performing their duties and in supporting the Company’s business activities.  The “i-Sprint” campaign then continue with the implementation of Corporate Value Deployment Program, an internal activities which involves all employees