Incorporation the Company on February 26, 2009 as a state-owned company with a specific role of supporting Indonesia`s infrastructure development agenda. PT SMI obtained its business license trough Minister of Finance Decree no. 396/KMK.010/2009.

The Company, representing the Indonesian Government, signed the Founders Agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG), as a first step in the establishment of a joint-venture firm in infrastructure financing, PT Indonesia Infrastructure Finance (IIF). PT IIF obtained its business license through Minister of Finance Decree No. KEP-439/KM.10/2010.

Successful launching of PT IIF, a subsidiary company established as a joint-venture with ADB, IFC and DEG.

Additional Government capital injection of Rp1 trillion, an evidence of shareholders` long term commitment to PT SMI`s business growth and Indonesia`s infrastructure development.

Significant increase in business performance totaling over Rp400 billion of financing commitment in Electricity, Seaport, Toll Roads, Clean Water Supply, Railroads and Oil & Gas sectors.

Appointment of the Company by Indonesia`s Minister Finance as facilitator for two Public Private Partnership (PPP) showcase projects: Soekarno-Hatta Airport Railway project and Umbulan Water Supply project, allowing the Company to expand its service offerings to the infrastructure sector.

Total financing commitment jumped by 289,2% from a year earlier to Rp1,158 billion with wider exposure in terms of sector coverage, geographic location and range of financing schemes, while net profit reached Rp97.4 billion more than doubled compared to 2010 figure.

The launching of advisory services as the Company`s third business pillar complementing its existing businesses in project financing and project preparation, enabling the Company to offer a more complete solution to the market.

The Company received a National Long Term Rating of ‘AA(idn)` with Stable Outloook from Fitch Ratings, an evidence of market confidence to the Company and the prospect of Indonesia`s infrastructure sector.

Total infrastructure financing portfolio reached Rp2.222 billion in electricity, toll roads & toll bridges, drinking water, seaport, and other sectors across the nation, from total project cost of Rp19,5 trillion, creating a multiplier effect of 8,8 times that increased the Company`s role as Indonesia`s infrastructure development catalyst.

The Government of Indonesia provided an additional Rp2 trillion capital injection, representing shareholders` recognitions towards the Company`s performance, opening opportunities for the Company to further increase its contribution to the national infrastructure sector.

Official inauguration of SMinfra18 infrastructure index with Indonesia Stock Exchange, a reference of Indonesia`s infrastructure development opportunities on january 2013.

Expanding the organization into four Directorates: Main Directorate, Financing & Investment, Project Development & Advisory, and Risk Management, Finance & Support Directorates, reaffirming the Company`s growth aspiration.

Fitch Ratings upgrades the Company`s National Long Term Rating to ‘AA+(idn)` with Stable outlook and issues (BBB-/Stable) international ratings, reflecting the Company`s important strategic role the country`s infrastructure sector.

As an enhancement of SMIinfra18, on January 2014 an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) based on such index was launched (Ticker Code : XISI).

On May 2014, the Company held the first bond issuance “Obligasi I Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Tahun 2014” worth as much as IDR1. (one trillion rupiah). The bond issuance was aimed to promote PT SMI in carrying out its role as a catalyst in the acceleration of Indonesia’s infrastructure development.

The Company’s bond emission showed very exciting result with incoming requests exceeding 2.6x of the offered bond value.

30 April 2015
OJK Letter No. S-48/D.05/2015 regarding the Application for Approval on Infrastructure Addition Permit for PT SMI was issued, increasing the range of sectors that may be funded by PT SMI.

13 August 2015
PT SMI and PT Hutama Karya (Persero) signed a credit agreement. PT SMI provided financing facilities of Rp 481 billion to PT Hutama for the construction of the Trans Sumatra Highway segment Medan-Binjai. The Company also funded the Trans Sumatra Highway segment Palembang-Indralaya carried out by PT Hutama. These agreements show a serious commitment by PT SMI to support the Government’s program for the realization of strategic infrastructure projects in Indonesia, one of which being the Trans Sumatra toll road.

3 December 2015
PT SMI signed a Credit Facility Agreement with AFD (Agence Française de Développement) worth USD 100 million and the Quasi Equity Facility Agreement with a value of USD 5 million for the development of renewable energy and climate change projects in Indonesia. It followed this with the signing of an MoU to enhance the ability of PT SMI in assessing projects of renewable energy and climate change in Indonesia.

7 December 2015
The Ministry of Finance provided Project Feasibility Support for the Umbulan KPBUSPAM project. PT SMI had given assistance for the preparation of the project since 2011. The issuance of Ministry of Finance support was an important milestone. From the project launch in 1985 as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for a Water Supply System (WSS) in Umbulan, East Java, there had been no meaningful progress until the appointment of PT SMI to prepare the project.

8 December 2015
PT SMI issued Medium Term Notes (“MTN”) Sarana Multi Infrastruktur I Year 2015. The MTN was offered with a total principal amount of Rp850 billion.

21 March 2016
Asset transfer from PIP to strengthen the Company’s capital structure and improve its credit quality. The Company uses this momentum to perform a refinancing of its USD syndicated loans. Through the refinancing, the Company saves USD1 million in interest expense.

24 March 2016
PT SMI established the Risk Management Directorate as an improvement from the Risk Management Division. The establishment of the Directorate marked the beginning of an era of risk management that is more independent and transparent, systematic, structured, focused and commensurate with the increased complexity of the Company’s business activities.

29 August 2016
PT SMI became one of the syndicated creditors in a credit agreement with PT LEN Telekomunikasi Indonesia for the Central Ring Palapa project.

1 September 2016
PT SMI has implemented the standard for Environmental and Social Safeguards a set out in the 10 (ten) elements of Environmental and Social Safeguards.

19 September 2016
PT SMI has included a resilience into the Corporate Values i-Sprint. Resilience is chosen by taking into consideration that this behavior symbolizes endurance, consistency, persistence, optimism and unyielding spirit that will reinforce the existing i-Sprint values. With this addition, corporate value is expected to suit the required character.

22 December 2016
PT SMI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with KPPIP and IIGF to conduct capacity building for stakeholders in the provision of national infrastructure.

23 December 2016
PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia gave PT SMI’s credit rating a higher rating for National Long-Term Rating to positive outlook from previously stable outlook.

30 December 2016
The Government has made additional State Investment Injection of Rp4.16 trillion, resulting in a total equity of Rp30.84 trillion for the Company. With the additional capital, PT SMI is equivalent to a BUKU 4 category bank in terms of capital size.