We believes that value increment will improve the Company’s performance

We continues to make the best contribution by being part of national development that gives impacts to Indonesia.


Awards in 2023
No. Awards From
1 SMV's Best Innovation: ReFina Kompetisi Inovasi Kementerian Keuangan (KIKK)
2 Terpopuler di Media Cetak dan Online 2022 Sub Kategori BUMN Non Tbk PR Indonesia Awards (PRIA)
3 Merit Award - Category: Human Capital Development, PT SMI’s Global Secondment Program ADFIAP
4 Merit Award - Category: SME Development, Coffee Qita Takes on Stages in G20 Presidency ADFIAP
5 Merit Award - Category: Infrastructure Development, Indonesia’s Energy Transition Mechanism (ETM) Country Platform ADFIAP
6 Merit Award - Category: Financial Inclusion, Road to G20 Product Innovation and Digital Marketing Training Session ADFIAP
7 Merit Award - Category: Corporate Social Responsibility, Shrimp Carbon Aquaculture (SECURE) and Sustainable Eco Tourism for Mangrove Rehabilitation ADFIAP
8 Best Innovation in Financial Services to Recognize in De-Risking Investment Renewable Energy The Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Award
9 ESG Award: Best Facilitator in Debt and Project Financing Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati (KEHATI)
10 ESG Award: Best Investor/Creditor in Debt and Project Financing Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati (KEHATI)
11 The Greatest Champions of GRC Excellence Performance 2023 (Financial Services) BusinessNews Indonesia
12 The Best GRC for Corporate Finance 2023 (Financial Services) BusinessNews Indonesia
13 The Best GRC for Corporate Culture 2023 (Financial Services) BusinessNews Indonesia
14 The Best Risk Management Officer 2023: Pradana Murti BusinessNews Indonesia
15 TOP GRC Awards 2023 #5 Star Top Business
16 The Most Commited GRC Leader 2023: Risk Management Director of PT SMI Top Business
17 The High Performing Board of Commissioners on GRC 2023: Board of Commissioners of PT SMI Top Business
18 List of 106 Influential Companies and Agencies in the Communication Sector PR Indonesia
19 Gold Award in the Asia Sustainability Report Rating (ASRRAT) National Center for Corporate Reporting (NCCR)
20 Asian Water Awards 2023: Engineering Excellence of the Year - Indonesia Asian Power
21 Asian Water Awards 2023: Outstanding Water Treatment Plant Design Award - Indonesia Asian Power
22 Best Innovation: Sustainable Green Office Kompetisi Inovasi Kementerian Keuangan (KIKK)
Awards in 2022
No. Awards From

The Best Corporate Brand – 2nd Best Overall SOE under the Ministry of Finance

Infobank Magazine


Indonesia Best Multifinance 2022 with Gold Financial Performance and Innovative Infrastructure Financing

Warta Ekonomi Magazine


TOP GRC Awards 2022 #4 Stars

Top Business Magazine


The Most Committed GRC Leader 2022: Mr. Pradana Murti

Top Business Magazine

Special Appreciation of TOP GRC Awards 2022 on Supporting of G20 Indonesia Presidency

Top Business Magazine

Best TJSL 2022 with Outstanding Community Poverty Alleviation Programs

Warta Ekonomi

Outstanding CEO of the Year Award 2022: Mr. Edwin Syahruzad


Winner of Project: DBuN III Clean Water Facility in Desa Bajo Indah, Category: Infrastructure Development


Merit Award for Project: Solar Panel to Increase Health & Energy Accessibility in Thohoyandou Otoniel Health Center, Category: Corporate Social Responsibility


Special Award: Best Sustainability Report, Category: Corporate Social Responsibility


Top 100 CEO 2022: Mr. Edwin Syahruzad

Infobank Magazine


The Next Top 200 Leaders Under 50 Financial Sectors & SOEs 2022: Mr. Faaris Pranawa & Mr. Pradana Murti, Category: Financial Sector & SOEs

Infobank Magazine

Best SOE 2022, Category: The Best SOE under the Ministry of Finance

Investor Magazine


Special Appreciation: Building the Nation, Performance of Outstanding SOE

Metro TV

The Best Non-Construction Consulting Service Provider

PT MRT Jakarta
Awards in 2021
No. Awards From
1 TOP GRC 2021 #4 Stars TOP GRC
2 The Most Committed GRC Leader 2021 - Faaris Pranawa TOP GRC
3 The High Performing Corporate Secretary on GRC 2021 - Ramona Harimurti TOP GRC
4 Indonesia State-Owned Enterprise Award with “Excellent” Predicate for financial performance in 2020 Majalah Infobank
5 Infobank Golden Trophy BUMN with a special predicate of “Excellent” for 5 consecutive years from 2016-2020 Majalah Infobank
6 Infobank Special Award 2021, The Most Efficient Indonesia State-Owned Enterprise Majalah Infobank
7 Gold Rank - Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating 2021 National Center for Sustainability Reporting
8 Runner-Up for The Best Corporate Brand in SOEs under the Ministry of Finance Category Majalah Infobank
9 Winner, Category: Corporate Social Responsibility, Project: Ambulance River Boats ADFIAP
10 Winner, Category: Corporate Governance, Project: Regional Financing Monitoring System ADFIAP
11 Merit Award, Category: Environmental Development, Project: Grievance Redress Mechanism ADFIAP
12 Merit Award, Category: Technology Development, Project: FS Solar Rooftop Airports ADFIAP
13 Merit Award, Category: Local Economic Development, Project: Improving the Economy of the Labuan Bajo Community after COVID-19 Pandemic Situation ADFIAP
14 The Best Financial/Non-Bank for RE Financing Masyarakat Energi Terbarukan Indonesia (METI)
15 Bronze Award, Category: Public Sector, Asia’s Best Sustainability Report 2021 CSRworks International Pte LTD