Equity Investment

Investing in infrastructure is a popular trend and a way to generate revenue. Investors can invest in infrastructure sector/projects by buying shares in companies. The term equity can refer to two different types of financial investments. One type refers to direct share ownership in stock market-listed public companies, while the other refers to indirect ownership of public stocks through mutual funds.
Equity Investment is an investment activity in which investors purchase shares in companies. These shares can be used to invest in infrastructure sectors and projects without permanent ownership of the stocks; the shares are only for a certain amount of time. 
Our Equity Investment products consist of:

  1. Equity investment
  2. Shareholder Loan, Bridging Loan

PT SMI open new opportunities for investment funding. Investors can increase their investment by underwriting equity in existing subsidiaries or by shares participation. This helps jump-start any given project, which has a greater opportunity to raise capital from other sources.