events     July 9, 2015

A Lesson of Life from The Outstanding Young Friend (SMI Berbagi Q2 2015)

On 12 June 2015, PT SMI again held a “SMI Berbagi” in the Special Needs School Insan Mandiri Depok, West Java. The PT SMI volunteers visited, entertained and made donation to the students of the school. The school managed by the Insan Mandiri Foundation had 57 students with various special need backgrounds, such as both deafness/ hearing loss and speech impaired, blindness/visual impairment as well as mental retardation.

After conducting site survey and discussions with the manager of the Foundation, PT SMI subsequently donated sports and music equipments, painting tools, makeup supplies, stationeries and other learning materials to support the activities in the Insan Mandiri Special School.

20150612_SMI Berbagi Q2_2

During the program, PT SMI volunteers happily played music and sang together with the students. In this occasion, it was also presented a cosmetology instructor to help sharpnening the students’ soft skill. Noticing the sincerity and spirit of the students, some volunteers were so touched and that brought the tears to their eyes. We ended the program with joy and brought more lessons from the students of Insan Mandiri into our lives. We had learnt from them that none in this life should be mourned as our free mind and soul would overcome all those limitation.

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