Building a Healthy Generation of Successors


In collaboration with the Office of Population Control, Family Planning, Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (DPPKBPPPA) and the working group Increasing the Role of Women towards Healthy Welfare Families (P2WKSS) Garut Regency, PT SMI provided assistance for the construction of Posyandu and MCK in Bojong Village, Banjarwangi, Garut, West Java on September 18 2018.

Children are the hope of the future, the successor of the nation that will continue the development of this country. Therefore, health problems and child growth needs to get serious attention, not only for parents, but also for all stakeholders.

Therefore, at PT SMI, every SMIers (PT SMI employees) believes that every individual has the right to get the same benefits in all matters, including health services as a tangible manifestation of infrastructure development.

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