Fitch Ratings “AA” for PT SMI

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) or PT SMI has appointed PT Fitch Ratings Indonesia, an international credit rating agencies to assess the national rating of PT SMI. This rating was aimed to measure the performance of PT SMI as a Non-Bank Financial Institution that focus on infrastructure financing in Indonesia, and also as the preparation for the possibility of PT SMI’s bonds issuance.

Fitch Ratings has submitted the results of PT SMI investment rating with good results,  National Long-Term Rating of ‘AA (idn)’ with Stable Outlook

The National Ratings of PT SMI at ‘AA (idn)’ reflects Fitch Ratings’ expectation of extraordinary state support for the company. This is due to PT SMI’s special establishment and role in infrastructure development in Indonesia and its 100% direct State ownership.

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