Who is PT SMI ?

We have four strategic roles in leveraging Indonesia’s infrastructure development: 

1. We are the activator in accelerating infrastructure development in Indonesia. 

2. We are an alternative source of funds for project financing.

3. We promote and support the Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

4. We help businesses expand in size, capacity, and effectivity through third-party partnerships.

What services does PT SMI offer?

PT SMI is an all-inclusive, one-stop solution in helping companies plan, develop, and finance infrastructure businesses, including: 

1. Financing & Investment 

As an alternative source of funds in financing the infrastructure sector and supplementary to conventional Banks, we help accelerate infrastructure development in Indonesia.

Our Financing and Investment services include:

  • Financing Investment/Term Loan 

  • Take Out Financing 

  • Mezzanine Loan 

  • Working Capital Loan 

  • Promoter Financing 

  • Equity Investment 

  • Bridge Loan 

  • Subordinated Loan 

2. Advisory 

PT SMI provides solutions for business expansion, business plans assistance, infrastructure investment, project management, decision-making process, transactions, project structure, financial planning, fund-raising, investment/divestment, merger and acquisition, and other types of services.

Our Advisory services include:

  • Financial and Investment Advisory Services 

  • Transaction Advisory Services 

  • Training and Capacity Building 

3. Project Development 

Our services offer assistance to clients in developing infrastructure project preparation to achieve an effective, comprehensive and measurable project development process, the key factor to attract money market and capital market investors. 

Our Financing and Investment services include: 

  • Project Development Facilities 

  • Advisory to Contracting/Tendering Agencies 

  • Capacity Building

Does PT SMI able to fund all kinds of infrastructure development?

Based on Minister of Finance Regulation Number 100/PMK.010/2009 regarding Infrastructure Financing Companies, we are only eligible to finance infrastructure development in the following sectors:

  • Transportation infrastructures, including sea, river, lake, airports, railways and train stations;

  • Road infrastructures, including toll roads and toll bridges;

  • Irrigation infrastructures, including waterway;

  • Drinking water infrastructures, including raw water intake building, transmission networks, distribution networks, and drinking water treatment facilities.

  • Wastewater infrastructure, including wastewater treatment, collection networks, main networks, and waste collection facilities.

  • Telecommunication infrastructure, including telecommunication networks;

  • Electricity infrastructure, including power plants, electricity transmission and distribution.

  • Oil and gas infrastructure, including processing, storage, transportation, transmission, and oil & gas distribution.

  • And other infrastructure projects that are not listed in items but have been approved by the Minister.


How can I get in touch with PT SMI?

Visit our office at:

Sahid Sudirman Center, 48th Floor

JL. Jenderal Sudirman No. 86

Jakarta 10220, Indonesia

Phone: (+62-21) 8082 5288

Fax: (+62-21) 8082 5258

Or drop us a message to corporatesecretary@ptsmi.co.id


How can I request a quote for PT SMI's financing services?

PT SMI only provides funding services for infrastructure development projects. 

To get a financing request, kindly contact us at corporatesecretary@ptsmi.co.id 

Further information on your company may be required, please enclose a brief on your company and your required objectives in the mail. 

What does PT SMI financing activities process’ look like?

Our financing process always starts with evaluation and feasibility studies covering both internal and external aspects and defining the partnership’s role. The result will then determine the eligibility of the project and our participation in it. 

Click here to see our previously completed financing process. 

For further inquiries, contact us at corporatesecretary@ptsmi.co.id

Who can I address my critic or suggestions on PT SMI's services to?

We value your feedback and grievances as they keep us improving for the better. Should you have any, let us know by dropping us a message. PT SMI guarantees the confidentiality of the message and the sender's identity, and all complaints are ensured to be addressed accordingly by our committee.