Financing & Investment

PT SMI is working to complement banking services; we provide alternative financing for infrastructure development, not competing with the financial institution system. Our business approach believes in the need for more sources of funding that are not just domestic or foreign banks. Our financing structure supports the acceleration of the primary sector in Indonesia outside of the short and long-term funding and investment solutions we offer. 

PT SMI has a variety of financing options that other institutions just don't offer. Our competitive edge sets us apart from the rest, making our institution the perfect go-to partner for your financing needs.

  • Longer tenor (>5 years)

  • More competitive interest rates

  • Innovative financing products

  • Flexible financing schemes

  • Considerable multiplier effects

We work with competent professionals who know the industry inside and out to ensure quality results and achieve maximum productivity.

PT SMI Financing and Investment Products 


Specific advantages

>5 Years

Longer tenor


financing schemes


financing products

More Competitive

interest rates


multiplier effects

The financing and investment products of PT SMI

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