PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) consistently supports the acceleration of national infrastructure development based on the sustainable development value, environmentally sound and social responsibility. To demonstrate the commitment, PT SMI is open for inputs, suggestions, and grievances from communities and stakeholders, related to environmental and social performance of projects under PT SMI support. PT SMI will respond to the submitted grievance in accordance with validity of the information and its relevance on PT SMI activities, and clarity of the grievance sender. PT SMI will guarantee the confidentiality of the grievance and it’s sender. The grievance management will refer to PT SMI’s guideline No-20/SMI/1017 regarding the Guideline and Procedure for Management of Grievance from Affected Community and Observers.

Please deliver your inputs, suggestions, and grievances on environmental and social issues by writing a message in the following form:

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