All regencies, cities to be wired to broadband by 2019

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara said on Wednesday that the government had set a target of all regencies and cities nationwide being equipped with broadband internet connections by 2019.

“All regencies and cities should be connected to broadband so they can equally enjoy the high-speed internet connection,” Rudiantara said as quoted by Antara news agency in Batam.

Although ministry data shows that 400 of the nation’s 514 regencies and cities are connected to the broadband network, they are reportedly not all of the same quality.

“Internet speeds in Jakarta are 20 times faster than those in the eastern part of Indonesia,” Rudiantara said.

He made assurances that the government would build the broadband infrastructure under the Palapa Ring Project, since cell phone companies were unable to realize the development.

The government has allocated Rp 2.7 trillion (US$207 million) to broadband infrastructure projects as part of efforts to close the gap in internet access between rural and urban areas. The Palapa Ring Project aims to lay 4,700 kilometers of underwater fiber-optic cable as the backbone of the nation’s telecommunications system.



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