July 17, 2018

Contract Award Notice: Consulting Services for Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) of Public Hospital (RSUD) Construction Project in Sulawesi Utara

Information Details
Awarded Firm PT Hatfield Indonesia
Address Jl. Ir.H. Juanda No.18 Kota Bogor, Indonesia
Contract Signature Date July 11, 2018
Price IDR 1,390,000,000,- (incl tax)
Duration 200 working days
Summary scope of contract 1. Identify the activity plan during pre-construction, construction, operational and post-operational stages, especially components that have significantly impact on environmental and social aspects;
2. Conducting initial environmental and social assessment of the activity area, both on the project site and around the project site;
3. Estimating, forecasting, and evaluating the potential impacts of pre-construction, construction, operational and post-operational activities and the cumulative impacts of the construction of the North Sulawesi Provincial Hospital.
4. Conduct mitigation assessment to produce an Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan, while such report will be constitute as integral part of the construction contract during construction phase and part of design plan that will be implemented at the operational phase.
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