One Commitment. One Platform. One Indonesia.

SDG Indonesia One is an integrated funding collaboration platform to support infrastructure development that is in line with achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Indonesia. Through an innovative financing mechanism that combines public and private funding (blended finance), this platform utilizes funds from various sources, including private, philanthropic, donor agencies, bilateral and multilateral financial institutions, banking, insurance, and other investors from time to time. This blended funds from various sources is expected to be a catalyst and increase the capacity of the infrastructure funding process in Indonesia.

One Commitment. One Platform. One Indonesia.
SDG Indonesia One Products

This platform provides several facilities, including:

  • SDG Development Facilities
  • SDG Derisking Facilities
  • SDG Financing Facilities
  • SDG Equity Fund

These facilities allow for the creation of broader benefits to catalyze infrastructure development in Indonesia, such as increasing access to various sources of funding for strategic projects; mobilization and coordination of support from the private sector to the Government; and reducing the Government's fiscal burden in financing various projects that are oriented towards achieving the SDGs.

Benefits of SDG Indonesia One for Strategic Partners

SDG Indonesia One encourages the active role of strategic partners, both local and international, to jointly support the acceleration of infrastructure development in Indonesia which is in line with the achievement of the SDGs. The benefits that strategic partners get through our platform include:

  • Gaining access to gain market share in Indonesia.
  • Mixed financing schemes (blended finance) can be a risk mitigation effort for strategic partners.
  • Strategic partners can obtain leverage from investment, as well as participate in socioeconomic development in Indonesia.

In addition, the SDG Indonesia One platform also plays an important role in supporting the Government's efforts in sustainable economic recovery in Indonesia, including through economic recovery after the pandemic, handling the reconstruction and rehabilitation of disaster areas in Indonesia. Support from strategic partners will be very meaningful for a more comprehensive and innovative achievement of the SDGs in Indonesia.

Use of Funds

As the Ministry of Finance's Special Mission Vehicle (SMV) that focuses on infrastructure development, the Indonesia One SDG platform is involved in achieving 16 of the 17 SDGs.

Why Choose SDG Indonesia One?

SDG Indonesia One was formed in 2018, under the mandate from the Ministry of Finance to PT SMI. As one of the pioneering platforms that introduced a blended finance scheme, the advantages of SDG Indonesia One include:

  • PT SMI as a nonbank financial institution whose shares are wholly owned by the Government of Indonesia provides more security to strategic partners.
  • Has a good track record along with extensive experience in the field of investment in infrastructure development in Indonesia.
  • The first financial institution in Southeast Asia to be accredited "medium" by the Green Climate Fund.
SDG Indonesia One in Numbers
62 blended finance projects $3.19 billion commitment 53 ecosystem enabler activities 35 SDG Indonesia One’s partners

*as of December 2022