Sharia Financing

Sharia Financing helps private, government, and regional-level organizations build infrastructure and expand operations on sharia principles and their prevailing laws and regulations.

Financing Based on Lease-Tenancy Principle

Ijarah Muntahiyyah Bit Tamlik (IMBT)

Allows to purchase goods or services at the end of the financing term or transfer their utility or benefit rights to other people. If they choose to purchase the good or service, they can do so with junior or senior financing options.

Financing Based on Buy and Sell Principle

Murabahah Financing

In a nutshell, receivables and funds are used to buy and sell goods or service transactions at a principal cost plus a margin subject to an agreement between two parties and require the counterparty to pay for their obligations. This type of financing can either use seniority or junior financing.

Financing Based on Profit Sharing Principle

Financing based on musyarakah principle, namely syirkatul ‘inan (every party to submit the capital), which portion (hishshah) of the capital of one of syarik (the Company) is deducted by the gradual transferring (naqlul hishshah bil ‘iwadh mutanaqisah) to the other syarik (Counterparty). This financing can be in the form of senior and junior financing.

Funding or receivables for certain business cooperation with a portion of fund from each party, based on the agreement to divide the profit by the agreed nisbah, whereas each party shall take the losses by the amount of each fund.