Corporate Social Responsibility

We realize that the existence of PT SMI is very dependent on the support of internal and external stakeholders, one of which is the wider community. Therefore, as one of the efforts to maintain a positive relationship with our stakeholders, PT SMI has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility (TJSL - the abbreviation in Bahasa) program since PT SMI was founded in 2009.

The TJSL program aims to provide benefits for economic, social and environmental development to the community, so as to improve their welfare. The implementation of TJSL is also part of the implementation of good corporate governance, especially on the principle of responsibility.

Currently PT SMI's TJSL program has touched all provinces in Indonesia and in 2021, to optimize support for Indonesian MSMEs, PT SMI's TJSL launched the Micro and Small Business Funding Program (PUMK) which will continuously provide capital assistance to Indonesian MSMEs.


PT SMI’s TJSL Activities

PT SMI TJSL activities are divided into 3 major activities, namely:

  1. TJSL Program
    The program is in the form of grants and is carried out based on integrated, measurable and targeted principles, and is distributed to 7 designated aid sectors.
  2. Micro and Small Business Funding Program (PUMK)
    This is an MSME business funding program which has been routinely carried out every year since 2021.
  3. SMI Berbagi Program
    A program that becomes a forum for PT SMI employees to participate active in social work within PT SMI's operational environment.


To see more about PT SMI's TJSL activities, you can visit the TJSL Stories page below.

PT SMI’s TJSL Distribution Sectors

Natural disasters

Infrastructure development and/or public facilities

Place of worship

Social community in the context of poverty alleviation

Education and/or training

Nature preservation

Improved health

Poverty alleviation

TJSL Stories

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