RIDF Projects 03 March 2020
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Construction of Class C Hospital in Tapin Regency

Regional Government
Tapin Regency Government
South Kalimantan
Construction of Class C Hospital in Tapin Regency
Estimated Total Project Cost
Rp148,66 billion
Loan Ceiling Value
Rp148,66 billion with allocations: Physical Development of RSUD amounting to Rp125 miliar and Procurement of Medical Devices amounting to Rp23,66 billion
4 years (48 months)

Datu Sanggul Rantau Regional General Hospital (RSUD) is a government-owned hospital in Tapin District, operating with Permit No: 188.45/255/KUM/2015 as Class C General Hospital with 125 beds (TT) available beds. The existing Datu Sanggul Rantau Regional Hospital is located on Jl. Brigadier H. Hasan Basry Rantau Tapin District, the total area of ​​the hospital is 21,095.32 m2 with an overall building area of ​​10,920 m2. As a Referral Center Hospital for Tapin District, RSUD Datu Sanggul Rantau provides health services for people from all Tapin Districts. The most patient composition still comes from North Tapin District and South Tapin District which are the closest regions to Datu Sanggul Rantau Regional Hospital.

However, the current state of health service facilities in Datu Sanggul District Hospital is currently inadequate and there is not enough land for the development of hospitals in the future. The treatment room looks crowded and does not have good air circulation. The medicine storage room does not meet the standards and the medical gas is still in the form of a tube.

In order to improve health services to the community, the Tapin District Government plans to develop the Datu Sanggul Rantau Regional Hospital by moving the Datu Sanggul Rantau Regional Hospital to a new location. The Tapin District Hospital that will be built will operate as a Class C General Hospital in accordance with the operational permit owned by the Datu Sanggul Rantau Regional Hospital, so that all types of services, available resources and facilities and infrastructure to be provided will refer to the Datu Sanggul Rantau Regional Hospital. .

In the construction plan of the District Hospital of Tapin there is no plan to increase the type of service, because it is in accordance with what is stipulated in Permenkes 56/2014 unless there is a plan to increase bed capacity to 165 TT in 2025 and in 2035 the number of beds will be 195 TT. Building construction prepared for 195 TT. The construction of this new hospital is to provide better health services to the community and the available land will allow for the development of future hospitals.

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