ESS Cultures 11 April 2023
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PT Waskita Toll Road (PT WTR) Benchmarking Visit on the Implementation of Environmental Social Safeguard (ESS) with PT SMI

PT SMI is committed to implementing governance best practices including risk management related to environmental and social aspects (Environmental Social Safeguard/ESS) by managing activities in each of the Company's business pillars (Financing and Investment, Project Development, and Consulting Services) in an environmentally and socially friendly manner, avoiding or minimizing negative environmental and social impacts, as well as increasing positive impacts on every business/activity in which the Company is involved.

In relation with the above commitment, on Thursday 30 March 2023, PT Waskita Toll Road (PT WTR), which was previously an investee of PT SMI, visited PT SMI's office at the Sahid Sudirman Center. The purpose of the visit was to benchmark on how PT SMI apply the ESS principles and standards.

PT WTR visit was represented by:

  • Hamdi (GM Office Transformation)
  • John (GM Construction and HSE)
  • Pertiza (Manager Office Transformation)
  • Sapto (Secretary and Compliance)
  • Dharma (Secretary and Compliance)

While PT SMI was represented by:

  • Endi Trimawan (Team Leader ESS)
  • Aninda Dewi Hindrawati (ESS Specialits)
  • Herindra Cahya Airlangga (ESS Specialist)
  • Retno Dwirestiani (ESS Specialist)
  • Rosvita Wulandari (ESS Specialist)

During the presentation and discussion, PT SMI describes how it implements the 10 ESS standards in its business activities. These 10 ESS standards are:

On top of the 10 ESS standards, the discussion also included the rationale for PT SMI using a standard which refers to national and international standards, challenges in implementing ESS and how to borrowers and corporations implement ESS. PT WTR also shared how they have carried out ESS both at corporate level as well as at its subsidiaries.

It is hoped that this benchmarking/sharing session would increase the collective knowledge and awareness of good ESS implementation.

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