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Getting to Know Non-Bank Financial Institutions in Indonesia: Definition, Functions, Types, and Examples

Non-Bank Financial Institutions (LKBB) in Indonesia have become financial institutions that play an important role in supporting the country's economy. LKBB plays a crucial role in financial services and infrastructure development. Where LKBB helped shape Indonesia's financial landscape and encourage economic growth as a whole.

The exploration of the crucial role of LKBB in financial services will be disclosed in depth in this session. As well as, how they contribute to supporting infrastructure development and economic growth as a whole. Check out the explanation below!

Definition of Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Non-Bank Financial Institutions (LKBB) are financial entities that operate outside the conventional banking sector. In general, LKBB is an institution that provides a variety of financial services but does not have a license as a commercial bank. Within its scope, LKBB includes various institutions such as finance companies, insurance companies, venture capital companies, pawnshops, and other financial entities.

One of the main characteristics of LKBB is its inability to accept deposits from the public, which differentiates it from banks. Nonetheless, the role of LKBB in the economy is very important. They offer a variety of financial products and services that can meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and other sectors of the economy.

LKBB plays a crucial role in supporting economic development by providing wider access to finance for the community. Through their various services, they are able to support sustainable economic development and help increase access to finance for various segments of society.

In the Indonesian context, LKBB has also proven its existence as an important pillar in supporting the country's economic development. For example, finance companies have played a role in supporting the purchase of motorized vehicles or business equipment for the community and businesses. Insurance companies, on the other hand, provide financial protection from unforeseen risks.

No less important, venture capital institutions have played a role in supporting startup companies to develop and innovate. Meanwhile, pawnshops provide short-term financing solutions with collateral in the form of valuables.

Overall, Non-Bank Financial Institutions (LKBB) act as pillars supporting the smooth running of the economy by providing a variety of innovative financial services that support various economic sectors and the needs of society as a whole.

Functions of Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Non-Bank Financial Institutions (LKBB) have a variety of important functions in the economy and financial system. Following are some of the main functions owned by LKBB:

Provision of Financial Services

LKBB offers a variety of financial products and services, such as consumer financing, venture capital financing, insurance, investment, and other financial services. This function helps meet the financial needs of individuals, companies, and other sectors of the economy.

Diversifying Sources of Financing

LKBB provides financing alternatives other than banks, thereby helping to diversify sources of financing in the economy. This is important to reduce dependence on the banking sector and create overall financial system stability.

Supporting Economic Development

Through the financing and investment provided, LKBB plays an active role in supporting the country's economic development. They provide financial support to key sectors such as industry, infrastructure, agriculture, trade, and others.

Provides Financial Protection

LKBB, which is engaged in insurance, provides financial protection for individuals, families, and companies from unexpected risks, such as natural disasters, accidents, or other events that can cause financial losses.

Facilitating Financial Inclusion

LKBB plays a role in expanding access to finance for various segments of society, including those who cannot meet the traditional requirements to obtain banking services. In this way, LKBB helps increase financial inclusion in the country.

Supporting Startup Companies

Venture capital institutions included in LKBB support the growth and development of startup companies. They provide capital, consulting and other support to help startups reach their full potential.

Increase Asset Liquidity

LKBB, such as pawnshops, help increase asset liquidity by providing short-term loans backed by valuables. This provides financial flexibility for individuals or businesses in the face of urgent needs.

Providing Special Services

Several LKBBs offer special services that cannot be found in banks, such as investment management, leasing, factoring, and others. These services can help meet more specific and specific financial needs.

Overall, Non-Bank Financial Institutions have a significant role in supporting the economy and providing a variety of important financial services for various stakeholders in society.

Types of Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Finance Companies

This type of LKBB provides consumer financing and venture capital financing. They provide loans to individuals or companies with various terms and interest rates.

Insurance Companies

LKBB, which is engaged in insurance, offers various types of insurance policies such as life insurance, vehicle insurance, health insurance, and property insurance to protect against unexpected financial risks.

Venture Capital Institutions (Venture Capital Firms)

This LKBB invests in startup companies or companies that are in the early stages of development. They provide capital and other support to help companies achieve growth and success.


This type of LKBB provides short-term financing services with collateral in the form of valuables such as jewelry, gold and other valuables.

Microfinance Institutions

This LKBB focuses on providing financial services to sectors of society with limited access to traditional banking services, such as small farmers, small traders, or micro entrepreneurs.

Securities Firms

This LKBB plays a role in trading securities or securities, such as stocks and bonds, as well as providing brokerage services in the capital market.

Leasing Companies

This type of LKBB provides leasing services to rent out assets such as motorized vehicles, equipment or machinery for a certain period of time.

Pension Fund Companies

This LKBB manages and invests pension funds to ensure the availability of sufficient funds to provide retirement benefits for their employees or members.

Islamic Venture Capital Firms

Similar to venture capital institutions, this LKBB operates in accordance with sharia principles in investing and supporting business development that is halal and in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Social Venture Capital Firms

This type of LKBB focuses on investing in social businesses or non-profit organizations that aim to achieve a positive social or environmental impact.

Some countries may have additional types of NBFIs that are not listed above, depending on regulations and developments in the financial sector in that country.

Examples of Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Following are some examples of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (LKBB) that are commonly found in various countries:

  1. Financing Company: PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk in Indonesia or American Express in the United States.
  2. Insurance Company: AIA Group Limited, Prudential Financial Inc., or Allianz SE.
  3. Venture Capital Institutions: Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, or SoftBank Vision Fund.
  4. Pawnshop Institutions: PT Pegadaian (Persero) in Indonesia or H&T Pawnbrokers in England.
  5. Microfinance Institutions: Grameen Bank in Bangladesh or SKS Microfinance in India.
  6. Securities Companies: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, or JPMorgan Chase.
  7. Leasing Company: BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions or CIT Group Inc.
  8. Pension Fund Company: California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) or Japan Pension Service.
  9. Sharia Venture Capital Companies: Amana Capital or Ethica Partners.
  10. Social Venture Capital Companies: Acumen Fund or Omidyar Network.
  11. The examples above represent some of the well-known and reputable LKBB at the global level. Each country may have a different local LKBB and may develop along with the development of the financial industry in each country.

PT SMI as One of the LKBBs That Plays an Important Role in Supporting The Development of National Infrastructure

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (PT SMI) is a Non-Bank Financial Institution (LKBB) that has a very important role in supporting national infrastructure development in Indonesia. As an LKBB established by the Government of Indonesia in 2009, PT SMI has a primary focus on financing and developing infrastructure projects that are strategic and have a major impact on economic and social development in this country.

One of PT SMI's key roles is to provide long-term financing for infrastructure projects that may be difficult to obtain funding from other sources. PT SMI acts as a liaison between the government, other financial institutions and the private sector to secure funds and support infrastructure projects that are vital to Indonesia's economic growth.

In supporting infrastructure projects, PT SMI also plays a strategic role in helping reduce risks for the parties involved. These LKBBs provide support and risk analysis for infrastructure projects, which makes them more attractive to investors and other financing institutions. In this way, PT SMI contributes to increasing investor interest and encourages private sector participation in supporting broader infrastructure development.

PT SMI also focuses on socially oriented projects, such as education, health, clean water, and the environment. By encouraging the development of these projects, this LKBB helps strengthen key sectors that support people's welfare and sustainable development.

In addition, PT SMI also acts as a center of expertise in terms of infrastructure financing, providing technical consultancy and financial support to local governments and other institutions involved in infrastructure development. This aims to ensure the alignment of infrastructure projects with national development goals and economic policies.

In conclusion, PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (PT SMI) is one of the NBFIs that plays an important role in supporting national infrastructure development in Indonesia. Through strategic project financing, risk analysis support, and a focus on socially oriented projects, PT SMI contributes to creating infrastructure that is strong, efficient, and has a positive impact on economic growth and the welfare of the Indonesian people.

In conclusion, Non-Bank Financial Institutions (LKBB) are financial entities that operate outside the traditional banking sector, providing a variety of financial services without being licensed as commercial banks. The main functions of LKBB include providing financial services, diversifying sources of financing, and supporting economic development with infrastructure projects.

With contributions made by Non-Bank Financial Institutions (LKBB), Indonesia can continue to strengthen and develop a more inclusive and sustainable financial system. LKBB plays an important role in efforts to achieve wider and more equitable access to finance at all levels of society. Through the variety of financial services they offer, LKBB provides opportunities for individuals, small businesses, and economic sectors that may have previously found it difficult to obtain financing from conventional financial institutions.

One of the positive impacts of the presence of LKBB is increasing financial inclusion in Indonesia. With the various options and services offered by LKBB, people who previously did not have access to the financial system can now obtain banking, insurance, or financing services that suit their needs. This not only improves people's financial well-being but also helps reduce economic inequality and increases opportunities for a more inclusive economy.

Various types of LKBB such as finance companies, insurance companies, and venture capital institutions also play a vital role in achieving this goal. An example of an LKBB is PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (PT SMI), which has proven to play an important role in supporting national infrastructure development, providing financing, and crucial risk analysis for strategic projects.

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