ESS Cultures 24 June 2022
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Synergy of PT SMI and World Bank: Support Indonesia's Development

The World Bank is one of PT SMI's partners who plays an important role in supporting development in Indonesia, such as the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), Geothermal Energy Upstream Development Program (GEUDP), and Geothermal Resource Risk Mitigation (GREM) projects.

In order to strengthen the partnership that has been established previously, The World Bank visited PT SMI's office on (21/6) for direct dialogue and discussion regarding (1) Environmental and Social Safeguards/ESS policies and standards implemented by PT SMI; (2) Challenges in implementing ESS standards specific to World Bank projects, including but not limited to community health and safety, biodiversity, and social aspects; and (3) How to manage ESS standards in the company. This meeting is also part of the capacity building plan as stated in the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for the GREM Program.

In addition, this meeting also served as a forum for discussion and sharing of experiences between the Regional Safeguards Advisor (RSA) and the Washington DC World Bank Team and PT SMI Management regarding the implementation of ESS, the role of RSA, and the role of PT SMI as the World Bank's Financial Intermediary. Through this discussion, hopefully the synergies would become stronger and stronger in the future between PT SMI and the World Bank to jointly encourage the acceleration of sustainable development in Indonesia.

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