ESS Cultures 25 October 2023
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Workshop "Biodiversity Protection in Implementing Sustainable Infrastructure Development Projects in Indonesia"

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (“PT SMI”) has implemented Environmental and Social Safeguard (“ESS”) principles in every financing provided. This is done through Environmental and Social Due Diligence (“ESDD”) studies and providing Corrective Action Plan (“CAP”) recommendations related to the implementation of environmental and social management. PT SMI has also monitored the fulfillment of each CAP and assessed the borrower's level of compliance and performance. Assessment of the level of compliance is carried out based on the percentage of CAP fulfillment and routine reporting in accordance with the Credit Agreement, while assessment of the level of performance is carried out through a review of the timeliness of CAP fulfillment, the quality of CAP fulfillment, the quality of financing and news related to the project/borrower.

Based on the monitoring and assessment, it was determined that for the 2022 assessment period there were eight Borrowers who were regarded to have implemented the environmental and social management CAP competently.

In line with this assessment, PT SMI also realizes that Relationship Managers (RM) have a very important role in improving Borrower’s efforts in fulfilling the CAP and implementing environmental management and monitoring. Therefore, PT SMI also express its appreciation to all RMs who have coordinated and collaborated well with Borrower in fulfilling the environmental and social CAP requirements during the 2022 period and have supported the implementation of the Borrower performance assessment initiative in 2022.

For the above Borrowers and RMs, PT SMI  express its appreciation in the form of a workshop titled "Biodiversity Protection in Implementing Sustainable Infrastructure Development Projects in Indonesia". Apart from being a form of appreciation to the selected Borrowers and RMs, this activity is also part of PT SMI's effort to continue to improve the implementation of social environmental protection management in every project financed as well as a good joint learning opportunity between the Borrowers and PT SMI.

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