News Updates 08 May 2024
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Constructing 560 Roads and Bridges, PT SMI Distributes IDR 3.1 Trillion Loans to 9 Regional Governments in South Sulawesi

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (SMI) distributed IDR 3.1 trillion in loans for Regional Economic Recovery (PEN) to the South Sulawesi regional government throughout 2024. As of April 2024, IDR 1.9 trillion has been disbursed. The largest allocation of funds is for the construction and repair of roads and bridges. The target is 560 projects by the end of the year.

This was the topic of discussion by Faaris Pranawa as Director of Public Financing and Project Development at PT SMI during a visit to the East Tribune management on Jl Cendrawasih No 430 Makassar, Tuesday (7/5/2024). Faaris and his team were welcomed by Editor-in-Chief Thamzil Thahir, Deputy Editor-in-Chief I Ronald Nunjung and Head of the East Tribune Company, Yunitra.

Faaris explained that eight districts received PEN funds from State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN). Enrekang Regency received the largest amount of IDR 441 billion for various public infrastructure sectors. Following from Bone Regency with an amount of IDR 299 billion specifically in the road and bridge sector. Takalar Regency with regional loans of IDR 250 billion, Gowa Regency 234 billion, North Luwu Regency 217 billion, Soppeng Regency 141 billion, Sinjai Regency 100 billion, and Wajo Regency 90 billion.

PT SMI's financing in South Sulawesi will absorb approximately 30 thousand workers. "Of course providing services to the community, services that the community can enjoy, whether it is roads, bridges, hospitals, markets or renewable MRT infrastructure," said Faaris.

Based on the data above, PT SMI assisted the Regional Government PEN in the construction and repair of 760 kilometers of roads, 104 thousand square meters of water resources projects and 16 kilometers of water channels. Building public infrastructure such as health facilities covering an area of 27,385 square meters, sports facilities covering an area of 99,888 square meters, traditional markets covering an area of 11,160 square meters and so on.

South Sulawesi Infrastructure Development Project:

  • Roads and bridges: 560 projects
  • Health: 3 projects
  • Sports: 11 projects
  • Trading: 10 projects
  • Tourism: 3 projects
  • Water Resources: 48 projects



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