RIDF Projects 07 November 2022
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Improvement of Corridor Road Sections in South Lampung Regency

Regional Government
South Lampung Regency Government
Improvement of two corridor road sections in South Lampung Regency: Improvement of the Sp. Serdang – Jatibaru – Talang Jawa – East Lampung Boundary Corridor Road and Improvement of the Sidomulyo – Sidoarjo – Bumidaya – Palas Corridor Road
Loan Ceiling Value
Rp90,000,000,000.00 (ninety billion rupiah)
5 years/60 months
Construction Phase

Road infrastructure is one of the transportation infrastructures that can encourage the movement of people and goods/services from one area to another which is one of the focuses of improvement from the South Lampung Regency Government, as stated in the 2016-2022 South Lampung Regency RPJMD. However, changes to the APBD target for the 2022 Fiscal Year which occurred as a result of developments in the handling of COVID-19 in South Lampung Regency have caused some work to stop. Realizing this, the Government of South Lampung Regency carried out development activities for the two roads through the RIDF-ERRC loan facility as a means of reviving the regional economy.

The purpose of the infrastructure improvement activities on the two sections is to carry out the rehabilitation/reconstruction of district road sections which are links between villages/districts, smoothen traffic flow and reduce the cost of transporting goods/services locally in South Lampung Regency and regionally in the national road network system. The purpose of infrastructure activities in the road sector is to maintain the planned life of road infrastructure so that it meets the expected road condition criteria, in order to improve the quality of the regional environment and provide accessibility for the distribution of goods and services in order to achieve a safe, comfortable and smooth flow of goods and services traffic to support the socio-economic activities of the people of South Lampung Regency, Lampung Province.

In order to support the accessibility of road infrastructure and community economic recovery, road improvement works are carried out with the following targets:

  1. Improvement of Serdang – Jatibaru - Talang Jawa – Ngesti Karya Corridor Road, with a target length of: 20,710 M;
  2. Improvement of Talang Baru - Sidomulyo – Sidoarjo - Sidomakmur - Bumidaya – Palas Bangunan Corridor Road, with a target length of: 28,680 M;
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